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"Dear Joe,
We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for a job well done!
In our efforts to find a suitable renter for our property, we were unsuccessful for several months. When we received your letter and made your acquaintance, we felt that you would be able to help us, so we decided to give you a try. To our surprise, you were able to find a renter within weeks. We appreciate all your efforts thus far.
We recommend A BETTER WAY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT and Joe Butters one hundred percent!!!! Should you need us for a reference, please give us a call.
Once again, thank you for everything.
Laura & Nes Garcia, Jr."



"Dear Joe,
I was in San Diego on July 18th and I was able to slip up to Chino for an hour. The house still looks good. Thanks for your attention and efforts in keeping good tenants.
Urie R. Clark"



"Joe has been a big help in getting our property fixed up and rented in a timely manner. He saved us a lot of headaches. Thanks, Joe!
The Kables"



"Hi Joe,
You have a route to success because you showed us a better way than was occurring via our prior agent and her ill scamming even handicapped owners so you were like a breath of fresh air that was timely come to that area, plus you went that extra mile to help us recoup some losses though some are still in doubt of ever being made good. You can use me as a reference anytime as a man of his word and fair dealing and ethical broker seeking our best interests, etc. Thanks.
H. Felder"



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