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Here are just a few of the reasons why I do Property Management
  What I Offer
I specialize in the management of 'single family homes' and apartments of 8 units or less. I have been managing rental property since 1980 and have put together a system that works for you the client and myself. I offer very reasonable fees with none of the extra's other companies charge. I believe that I have a tried and true method of obtaining and retaining good tenants. And probably most important, I use and apply a common sense approach to managing your property. And by the way, I also am very experienced in the marketing and selling of tenant occupied properties.
  Your Rental Payment
The tenant makes a check payable to you and mails it to me. I record receiving the payment then I mail it directly to you. The #1 complaint of owners about professional management is that they receive payment from tenants and take out for management fees, repairs, etc. and then send the balance to the owner later in the month. You never know exactly how much you are going to receive.
  Repairs are made with your prior knowledge and consent
When a repair is needed on your property, I contact you to discuss it. Then I notify the proper repair service to do the job. I have used most of these repair services for a long time and trust them to do a competent job at a fair price. My owners have found that they save money by ordering repairs through me.
  Our monthly fees are considerably less than other management companies
Most management companies charge a set-up fee of up to $450 when you start with them. The average fee for a management company is 10% of the yearly rent. Our fees are considerably less. They typically charge for re-renting the property, appearing in court, receiving an override on repairs, etc. We simply do not have any extra fees.
  We show properties on evenings and weekends
While other management companies are closed, we answer all calls and make appointments to show your property on evenings and weekends.
  • Place a "FOR RENT" sign on property
  • Prepare advertisement for newspaper
  • Screen all calls
  • Show property to prospective tenants
  • Run complete credit and background checks on applicants
  • Properly sign rental agreements
  • Collect deposits and rents and mail them directly to owner
  • If needed, we hire responsible, trusted repair services
  • We can obtain "TRADE" prices on painting, carpet repairs, etc.
  • Professionally handle tenant complaints
  • Assess "LATE CHARGES" if rents are not paid on time
  • Serve proper notices if rents are delinquent
  • If needed, file correct eviction procedures
While many of these services are not always needed, it has been shown that the time and money saved more than makes up for our low management fees. If you spend just one extra month trying to evict a tenant or rent the property yourself, you have spent my fee for a whole year.

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